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Red Light (TG Caption) by saruman92
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Frog Legs (TG Caption) by NikWently
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Devil's Pleasure (TG Caption) by NikWently
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Devil's Pleasure (TG Caption) :iconnikwently:NikWently 80 0
To the Beat of Your Dreams
Nothing seemed different. Just another day had passed. Nothing was different. Everything was as it was yesterday and the day before and most likely the day afterwards.
The weather was appropriately stormy, as the forecast had foretold. Having just come back from yet another typical day of college classes, Carlos expected nothing less and especially not anything more. Today was just another day marked off the calendar. Another day of logging onto DA, checking for any new messages, responding to comments, checking up on his watches, and pretty much just fulfilling his daily ritual. The only difference was a few select comments on his profile all more or less stating the exact same thing: Happy Birthday!
'Oh yeah,' Carlos thought to himself in passing. 'Guess I'm 23 now. Forgot about that for a moment. Oh well.'
And so life went on as usual. He gave his thanks to every one of his friends and fans that had wished him a happy birthday and pretty much wrapped up the rest of his dailies. Now
:icondancingspartan:DancingSpartan 109 33
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The Perfect Wife (TG Caption) by NikWently
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A Pokegirl TG: To the Sky :iconashtgfem:AshTgFEM 154 18
Taking Home a Prize
   “Hey Jim, do you have a minute?”
   I walk up to my friend, Todd, while heading to Study Hall.
   “Sure, man.  What is it?”
   “Well,” he begins, “You know that bet I made with Anderson?  Well, I still sorta owe him.  Can you, you know, bail me out?”  I sigh.  “It depends.  What do you want me to do?”  Todd starts to nervously shift his eyes.  “Well, it involves going into the girl’s locker room…”
   “What? No, dude, I-”  “Listen man,” Todd counters, “A bet is still a bet, no matter how much of a pervert Anderson is.  Dude, look, if I get in trouble again, then my mom will kill me.”  I think this over.  “Okay, even if I was in on this, how would I get past Mrs. Beatty?”  Todd smiles.  “I already thought of that.”  
:icondafttruth:DaftTruth 286 18
TG Caption This: The Perfect Fit For A Bully! by Meliran TG Caption This: The Perfect Fit For A Bully! :iconmeliran:Meliran 192 8 Venus Weightloss - TG by ReSyncD
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The Halloween Party Of The Century TG (Rem TG)
Voices everywhere in all directions talking about every fad or meme there is out there. It varies from topics like Pokémon Go, which is a dying app, and stuff like Harambe, which still continues to swarm the Internet to the point that the people from the zoo asked for people on the web to stop. Like that will ever happen. You tell the Internet to stop something, and they will come back with even more force.
My name is Jory *******. I have a weird last name. I know. There is no need to say I do. I am just your average looking high school student. I am about five feet and eleven inches tall with a under average build meaning I have muscles, but not as much as others do. I am of average weight and not that athletic, but I move around enough. I got green eyes and ear length red hair. My red hair makes me stand out since it is rare and even my eyelashes are bright red. I am seventeen years old and am in my final year of high school.
Ah. That ring must mean the period is over. What do I
:icontgvocals:TGvocals 146 26
The Podcast - TG Caption by Sprite09
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The Podcast - TG Caption :iconsprite09:Sprite09 126 1


Sisters phone Tg
Jared's sister was out for the weekend an he was left alone. Not knowing what to do he walked around the house in boredom. As Jared walked down the hallway leading to the rooms he saw a faint light coming from his sisters room. Jared decided to go see what it was. His sisters phone was glowing pink all of the sudden. Out of nowhere Jared had an uncontrollable urge to look at the phone. As Jared picked up the phone he saw a text from his sisters friend. He decided to reply not knowing the changes were taking effect. First his hands became feminine and petite. The feminity soon spread up his arms to his torso. Enormous breasts exploded out of his chest ripping his shirt. As hat happened his hair grew long and the color changed to blonde. Then his face became feminine and pretty. Amy (Jareds sister) couldnt wait to go meet up with her friends to go to see the hunk of men


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